The difference between 30p and 70p a click

Anyone who can use a smart phone, can in theory use Facebook Advertising for themselves.

So, why the need for social media strategists, marketers, researchers, content creators, copywriters, graphic designers and others used when creating a social media campaign?

Since 2010, when I first started using social media to help charities, local businesses and promoting personal projects, to 2015 when I took the leap to set up my own agency. The industry and the amount of companies/people offering social media services has skyrocketed!

It seems as though, in addition to the qualified/experienced/professional marketers out there, there was new bread of social media advertisers out there, who had learnt to do it themselves.

My challenge was to highlight my marketing background, membership of the chartered Institute of marketing and my general passion for marketing.

However, the only real way to do this was through adding value!

Is it worth is for 40p?

When it comes to adding value, the best way to do that, is through results!

What do we mean by results?
​We found, the difference between businesses doing social media for themselves or using us, was that we could urn 70p a click into 30p a click. That there was the value.

If we go back to what I said earlier about anybody being able to use social media, I believe anybody could achieve about 70p a click. The question is, why would someone use a social media agency to get 30p a click and save 40p?

So, now I had to consider adding value to a client. I did this by using a budget of £1000 a month, as an example. Using the figure 70p a click… That equals about 1400 clicks to their website.

This does not include the amount of time they have invested and the opportunity cost of them running the Facebook campaign rather than doing working on parts of the business.

How to get results!

Due to the experience gained and other variables mentioned above regards how we as marketers achieve results… from the same £1000 budget we can achieve 30p per click. This may not immediately sound like a huge saving, but when you consider the impact it has… it means:

That £1000 budget is now achieving, 30p per click and delivering over 3,300 clicks to the same website!

It is also worth bearing in mind, to achieve 3300 clicks based on 70p a click, it would mean a budget of £2332. So simple maths would tell you, using an agency, has saved you £1332.00!!!

This saving of £1332.00 is much much higher than any management or set up fee would be… So, straight away, the idea of using an agency suddenly no-brainer! Also, not forgetting the time invested by the business to achieve that 70p a click. This way, you simply tell us what your target is and what you want to achieve, and we make it happen.

Making the difference.

Rather than stressing the differences and the value I can bring as a theoretical discussion, I will keep it simple. Every click to the website will save my client 40p.

The next thing to consider is budget and just 40p’s I can save my client. More often than not, when clicks increase, so do sales… and when you realise something is working, it’s only natural to want more.

As a result. most my clients increase budgets and get even more bang for their buck!

If you’re not sure if you need someone else to do your social media or if you’ve not tried it yet and just need some advice, you can call me on 0161 410 4455 or if you prefer to message, you can do on Whatsapp or Messenger.